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Vessel Self Driving (Premium)

2.06 usd

Did you ever control a ship? Did you ever go to Hong Kong? NOW, Pleasure Vessel Self-Driving (HONG KONG) will bring you a vessel self driving experience on Hong Kong Sai Kung Sea !You can enjoy the night view on a pleasure vessel. OR Sailing in the Heavy Weather.You can act as police to chase the smugglers. OR experience the Firefighting on sea.A lot of things you can do in the Vessel Self-Driving ! Please ENJOY this ship game !* Requires 1.2GHz CPU or 1GHz dual core CPU and 768 MB RAM Memory devices or higher.
Hong Kong Pleasure Vessel Self-Driving offers two different game modes:1. Training Driving Mode (Mission based) 2. Free Driving Mode (Select your favorite vessel and drive in the Hong Kong Sea freely)
Game Features------------------------ Once you purchase this application , there will not be extra cost for this version.- you may drive the vessel in the Hong Kong Sai Kung Sea and performing different tasks in order to met the challenges. - To understand the basic ship driving skills.- Driving a ship with you hand held devices.- Pursuit and simulation of almost real situation.- Different of ships, and you should deserve it. - Like the real vessel operators, and you feel to drive in the real world.
*Required Network Access when started.